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One of the best in the market, Dean & Tyler dog harnesses are suitable for dogs of different sizes and temperament. Highly durable yet lightweight, they last for a long period of time. Apart from being attractive in terms of appearance, they are also functional, weather-proof and washable.

Our leather dog harnesses are manufactured after they undergo a rigorous tanning process in the UK and the Netherlands. The process involves tanning with chrome salt solution and vegetable. While tanning with chrome salt solution makes the leather flexible, resistant to heat and scratching, the vegetable tanning offers water-resistance and brings firmness to the leather.

D&T dog harnesses are versatile, as they remove pressure from your dog’s neck, therefore preventing the possibilities of trachea and other types of neck injuries.

With wax brushed over the edges, your dog harnesses will not only get a vintage appearance, but also turn softer over the years. In fact, all stitching is made of neoprene or waxed thread. We assure you that the harnesses will last for at least a decade, unless it is subjected to constant chewing.

With our dog harnesses, you can make walking more safe and secure not only for the dogs, but also the person walking your dog. Rest assured that D&T offers one of, if not, the best harnesses for dogs.

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