dog leashes 


Dog leashes act as training tools to guide and control your dogs. Right from your dog’s formative years to their later stages, leashes take the role of a security tool to keep the dog in step with the person who is walking it.

These leashes are used to prevent dogs from scaring other dogs or people, chasing other animals, and running into heavy traffic.

Leashes are best used to check aggressive behaviour in dogs. With leashes, you can train your dog to respect others’ space, inculcate freedom in your pet, while restraining hostility.

At D&T, we offer the best handmade dog leashes that makes training easier and facilitates effective communication between you and your dog.

Dean & Tyler Leashes
Durable and sturdy, we offer top quality dog leashes in the market. Versatile with solid construction, some of our D&T leashes enable you to adjust the leash around the waist or over your shoulder, thus walking or jogging freely or even talking over the phone.

Leather Dog Leashes
Our leather leashes are durable, strong and above all, resistant to chewing. In addition, they do not fray easily, are innovative as well as functional, and attractive.

Nylon Dog Leashes
Our nylon leashes do not constrict when wet and enables you to handle your dog in all weathers. Available in corded and flat models, our nylon leashes make a perfect pair with D&T nylon harnesses. Choose from our wide variety of nylon dog leashes online.

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