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Dean & Tyler dog muzzles are used to train pet dogs as well as service dogs and also protect dog owners and trainers from aggressive dogs. It is important to choose a muzzle that will suit your dog and prevent discomfort. At D&T, we offer muzzles for all dogs; they come in a range of materials and styles, and can be used for various training purposes. They help in avoiding problems such as biting, nipping, licking and barking,  and can also prevent your pet from chewing furniture.

Our dog muzzles train your pets for social settings so that your guests feel more secure. While some muzzles fit on a range of dog types and sizes, others work for dogs with a specific size and breed.

Types of Muzzles

Mesh – Ideal for quick use, these muzzles are lightweight and can be transported easily. Mesh muzzles are perfect for short and pug-nosed dogs, as they do not restrict the air flow.

Basket – Basket muzzles allow your dogs to pant, drink water and take treats. Designed for the comfort of your dog, they allow your dog to breathe freely and eat while wearing the muzzle.

Occlusion – The occlusion-type muzzle is ideal for short-term reasons such as trimming your dog’s nails or taking your dog to a vet. However, we do not recommend it for long-term use, as it can prevent your dog from panting.

After you measure your dog to get a proper fitting muzzle, check out our sizing diagram to find out your dog’s size category.


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